Directing the Camera BY GIL BETTMAN - Online Material

Directing the Camera: How Professional Directors Use A Moving Camera To Energize Their FIlms

“This new book by Gil Bettman contains the core lessons which directors today must learn in order to make the kind of films which the industry wants to make and the audience wants to see. It teaches the fundamental elements of craft which a director must master in order to shoot suspense-driven action sequences, as well as dialogue sequences energized by a moving camera. Directing the Camera does more than teach how to make cool shots. It teaches the overarching principles of visual design which work most effectively to tell a story.” From the Foreword by Robert Zemeckis.

View the full script pages of the 15 Walk and Talk Scenes at the end of Chapter 3:


War of the Worlds

Externally generated: The camera moves to follow something moving in the frame.

What Lies Beneath

Internally Generated: The camera moves to show what a character sees or feels


Internally Generated: the camera moves to show what a character sees or feels

Saving Private Ryan

Moving Establishing  Shot: The camera moves to establish a new location.

Breaking the Waves

Lars Von Trier breaks Bob's Rule

Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino follows Bob's Rule

Jerry Maguire

A Model Moving Master And Coverage


The Master for the Mahjong Parlor
Following the Default Pattern

What Lies Beneath - Accusation

What Lies Beneath – The Master With Grant Feur
Seamlessness To The Max

What Lies Beneath - Coverage

What Lies Beneath – Norman's Confession
A Unique Master For A Unique Scene

Never Too Young to Die

Never Too Young To Die -- The Ambush
Final cut sequence

Point Break

Point Break -- A Great Chase

Las Vegas Fight Cut

Las Vegas Fight Dailies